[OVERVIEW] DISNEY’S MECH-X4: Feels A Lot Like “Pacific Rim”

It’s hard not to compare the latest Disney’s series to Pacific Rim (2013) movie or maybe Power Ranger series. Mech-X4 extracted the winning formula from those shows. Humans piloting gigantic robot? Check! Monsters? Check! Maybe the difference is the pilot from Mech-X4’s are… teenagers!

Ryan Walker looks like a common students, but he keeps a secret because he’s a technopath or someone who can controls technology via mind. He accidentaly waking up a 45 meters robot called Mech-X4. At the same time—coincidentally, some monsters are queueing to destroy Bay City.

Ryan is not alone when operating Mech-X4. He has Harris, Spyder, and Mark. All of them have significant roles:

Ryan (Nathaniel James Potvin) plotted to be a pilot because he’, well, a technopath.

Spyder (Pearce Joza) assigned to weaponry. He’s adventurous and brave. Not only that, he’s also a jokes machin within the team.

Harris responsible for defense system. Basically he’s the group’s brain. He’s very careful and protective. He’s a geek that always make sure all the facts are served before dive into action. Point plus, he has martial art skill.

Mark is a mechanic. He is Ryan’s brother. His job is to fix everything, literally. He’s accustomed to be leader in family, but when it comes to Mech-X4, he needs to let his brother take the position.

For All Ages

Mech X-4 can be enjoyed for all ages from children to adult. So, we can imagine it’s story is not very complicated. But, Mech-X4 is different from typical Disney’s series because it has great graphic, realistic, and action-packed. Just see how the robots or monsters designed. Looks very real for television.


In a glimpse, it really looks like a mix from Power Rangers and Pacific Rim, but the tone is different. Futuristic style adventure will emphasize on fun and comedy. Don’t expect some complicated twist because producer hopes this show can be enjoyable for children. Although, I feel that Mech-X4 is suitable for you in 8-20 years old range.

I’m a big fan of Pacific Rim, that’s why even though I’m no longer in that range of ages, I enjoy this show so much. Even the plot is predictable, but boys always be boys. We always excited to see robot vs. monster, right? Moreover, the design of the robot is cool!

So, for those who needs a light entertainment without deep thinking, Mech-X4 can be relaxing to watch after shool or work. Or for those who has children, this show can be your menu to watch together during the weekend.

Mech-X4 Overview

Genre: Sci-fi, Teen

Creator: Steve Marmel

Executive Producers:

  • Steve Marmel
  • Anupam Nigam
  • Zach Lipovsky
  • Brian Hamilton

Channel: Disney Channel

Date Premiere: 11 November 2016


  • Nathaniel Potvin – Ryan
  • Raymon Cham – Mark
  • Kamran Lucas – Harris
  • Pearce Joza – Spyder

Suitable for those who likes:

  • Pacific Rim.
  • Robot sci-fi
  • Serial with cute children as casts.

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